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Hi everyone, welcome to www.sprihasrivastava.com. I call it “A Journo’s Diary” because it truly is one.

It is well said that in order to survive we need food, air & water, but the journalist within me would break these elements down into “food for thought”, “a pleasant air to breathe and express one’s opinion” & “water in the form of responses and actions to ease down the process.”

Even as a little girl, I could feel the passion for writing within myself, from writing poetries on animals and birds initially and then moving on to a phase of adolescence when everything had a touch of romance and love and finally to a phase when one starts getting acquainted with reality. It is this phase that I loved the most and it brought out the journalist in me – the shift from silence to voice. A belief that what a pen can do, not even a weapon can do so. And thus began my journey as a journalist. In this website you will see some of my Published Works and an active Blog page that I try and update as frequently as possible.

In the past couple of years, I have got hooked on to Photography as well. Ever since I bought a DSLR with a few fancy lenses, I have started viewing everything differently, be it lights, or flowers or a night view and so on. In fact the pictures that you see in the sidebar on this website have all been taken by me. I am still learning and there is a long way to go. I hope to get suggestions and feedback from everyone so that I can improve my skills. Do visit my site at www.sprihasclicks.com (Spriha Srivastava Photography) to know more about what I do.

Spriha Srivastava

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